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Torres Electrical Supply Company, Inc. is an electrical distributor with its main office in Stuart, Florida.

 The company was founded in 1971, in Greenville, South Carolina, as an industrial electrical supply company by Oscar L. Torres, Sr., who was a graduate electrical engineer from the University of Texas and held a professional engineering license. He had many prior years of practical experience in the industrial engineering/maintenance/ construction areas. Due to his background, the company implemented industrial methods and procedures that emphasized customer satisfaction.

 From the beginning, the company specializes in helping customers achieve their desired goals by assisting them in securing the needed material in a timely manner and by eliminating the preventable mistakes during the execution of a contract or purchase order. After the passing of Oscar L. Torres, Sr. the reigns of the company were taken over by Oscar L. Torres, Jr. The company has always taken pride in assisting the customer secure material they need and has accomplished this in a cost conscious manner without sacrificing service.

 The company has not placed the same emphasis on growth that it has on customer satisfaction and quality; nevertheless, it has grown  at a controlled pace and has achieved and maintained an above industry gross sales average of over $1.25 million per employee.